Tuesday, April 28, 2009

White House Photo Op Destroys Dam

WEXBURG, ID - As official White House photographers snapped away, demolition crews blew up the Snake River Dam, sending a 30-foot wave crashing into the town of Kiley. "I understand some people died," said White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs. "We would've liked to issue a warning, but the event was classified. However, rebuilding Kiley and the dam will bring jobs to the region, so there's a bright side." Gibbs stated the photo op was designed to create an iconic presidential image. "We're going to Photo Shop Obama's face onto the huge torrent so it looks like all this water is gushing from the President's mouth. Not only will it symbolize federal spending under this administration, but it'll look like one of those Italian fountain statues. I think that's the look we're going for."
Digg! (Photo: Wickipedia)

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