Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hollering Makes Workplaces Greener

PORTLAND, OR - A new study shows bellowing loudly at employees is the quickest way to turn a workplace green. "People 'get' negative reinforcement when it comes to the planet," said Professor Alice Horner, author of the study on behalf of Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality. Horner tested workplaces where green rules were merely posted. She then compared them to places where rules were known only to supervisory personal who couldn't be harmed in any way without severe repercussions. "When rules are just posted, workers aren't as careful. Often they'll forget elementary tasks such as printing paper on both sides, or turning off computers at night." However green compliance skyrocketed in hollering-friendly workplaces. "Say an employee offers a visitor bottled water instead of tap water. By shrieking at this employee that they're killing the Earth and everyone on it, a supervisor reinforces a lesson that won't be forgotten. In addition, the "green scream" lets everyone else know the environment is under attack and by whom."  Horner admits turn-over is higher in companies with yelling, but attributes that to ignorance. "Workers should realize that ruffled feelings are a small price to pay for a healthy planet. And if they don't, they're stupid, greedy polluters."Digg! (Photo:


Harold Stickeehands said...

I prefer to lecture people on the importance of environmentalism, while eating a roasted baby panda. It keeps them guessing.

Ling Carter said...

I tell people I eat endangered species, but only the animals that volunteered.