Sunday, July 19, 2009

Man Uses Hitler Film to Make Funny YouTube Video

AMES, IA - Ed Capeheart has used a scene from the 2004 film Downfall to underscore his love of golf. The 41-year-old salesman has written English dialogue over a scene where Adolf Hitler rages in German at his generals. However, instead of screaming at their incompetence and disloyalty, Capeheart has made the Nazi dictator furious over Lee Westwood three-putting at the British Open and missing a chance at the playoffs. "I threw in a bunch of swear words, then uploaded it to YouTube," said Capeheart. Capeheart's effort is the first British Open, golf-themed use of the German-Austrian Downfall and becomes only the 1,328th YouTube video employing the same scene. "It's catchy," added Capeheart. "Is there, like, an award for these?" (Photo:

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