Saturday, July 25, 2009

President Writes Healthcare Fan Fiction

WASHINGTON, D.C. - With Congress dragging its feet, a frustrated President Obama has written a fan fiction healthcare bill entitled, "The Happy Good Government Healthcare Plan." In Obama's story, a willing, excited congress works merrily to craft a wonderful plan where the government provides medical service to all Americans. Not only does the plan work really well, but everyone, except the poor and unions, volunteers to pay for their plan. Said spokesperson Adrian Heemer, "The President dashed off the story in a couple of days and showed it to Rahm Emanuel. Rahm cried, and he hasn't done that since the President asked him to stop punching White House staff. " Barack Obama hopes to publish chapters on a special blog that should be up and running in two to three years. Heemer added, "Like a future MRI, it'll be worth the wait." (Photo:


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I wonder if it will be as well as his "Its a double plus good good stimulus plan"? You can only go to the same well so many times.

Ling Carter said...

Long live Big Jughead!