Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Feds Launch Fantasy Camp

ALEXANDRIA, VA - Ever wanted to disperse billions of dollars, without consequences, while supervising a staff larger than a college football team? If so, you can still register for the U.S. Government's first annual Fed Fantasy Camp. Held in a thicket of offices across the river from Washington, D.C., and funded by the stimulus package, the camp delivers average taxpayers a chance to live like powerful federal bureacrats. "Our goal is to take two weeks and mirror the life of a Civil Service GS-20," said Bale Hapsburg, federal official-in-charge. Activities slated are buying and losing large items such as jet aircraft and multi-million dollar computer systems, losing small items such as laptops containing the SSN for all Americans living west of the Mississippi, and not showing up for camp the whole two-weeks but receiving full pay and benefits. Registration is on-line at, whenever the website functions. Hapsburg stated unused fantasy funds will pay for government leadership seminars in Monaco and Las Vegas. "We hope every camper takes home the motto of the federal bureaucracy, 'This is sweet.'"(Photo:

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