Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NBC Fall Schedule 'Shovel Ready'

NEW YORK CITY, NY - Insiders are calling NBCs 2009/10 fall schedule 'shovel ready.' "This lineup needs burying," said an NBC executive. "But when 'up,' is all you have, 'down' gets redefined." Perhaps the most controversial change involves replacing news anchor Brian Williams with Beyonce. "Don't ask me," said the executive. "We're in dark, uncharted waters now." Here's a sampling of the Peacock Network's fall slate:

NBC NIGHTLY NEWS WITH BEYONCE - Pop star Beyonce Knowles interprets breaking news with hot, slinky dance moves.

LAW & ORDER: SUV - Cops and lawyers respond to crimes in a GMC Denali XLS equipped with wiper fluid that doubles as luminol.

THURSDAYS WITH JAY - Each Thursday for 24 hours, Jay Leno will host or guest star on every NBC program including soap operas.

MANILA GENERAL - Lives and loves of American hospital orderlies working in a Philippine medical center.

RUSTY GATES - Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. stars in a sit-com about a fiery neighborhood handyman who can never correctly plane a door.
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