Friday, July 31, 2009

Cash For Clunkers Buys 'Green Zone'

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Universal Studios has sold the unreleased Matt Damon, Paul Greenglass anti-war film, Green Zone to the Federal Government via the Cash for Clunkers program. "We got $4,500," said Universal executive Perez Tibbet. "I heard Lions for Lambs only got 3k." With anti-war films dropping more bombs than a B-52, Universal decided to cut its losses and take advantage of a federal program designed to rid highways of old vehicles. "We pressured the President to expand the program and accommodate Iraq/Afghanistan anti-war films," said Tibbet. "But it's not a total loss. I understand the government will be showing 'Green Zone' on Amtrak and at the VA." (Photo:


Anonymous said...

When will film makers realize the American public doesn't like anti-war films?

Ling Carter said...

Clearly, losing dough on these films doesn't seem to be a problem. They just keep making more, throwing good money after bad.

Much like the Stimulus Plan.

No wonder they're all liberal.