Friday, July 17, 2009

Shuttle - Space Station Picnic Fails

INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION - After successfully linking up, the crews of the space shuttle Endeavour and the International Space Station were forced to cancel the first ever outer space picnic. "Endeavour forgot charcoal," said NASA spokesperson Fred Geepen. "And NASA has a policy about not cooking hog dogs over the shuttle's exhaust." Slated to take place outside, Geepen said attempts to play games such as Frisbee and a water balloon toss had to be abandoned. "Everything just floated the hell off - except the keg. They fought for that." Geepen admitted the idea wasn't totally thought out. "Apparently, gravity and oxygen play a much bigger role in picnics than we imagined. In any case, science is all about pushing boundaries. Or having a spokesman's job. I thought crews should play basketball and do all these cool zero gravity dunk shots, but I was ignored. " (

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Steve Burri said...

The ants even had spacesuit malfunctions.