Tuesday, July 7, 2009

North Korea Names Missile After Michael Jackson

PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA - Kim Il Sung announced that a new, medium-range missile will be named in honor of the late pop star Michael Jackson. "We are calling it the 'Pillbelly' because his belly was filled with many pills of different colors." Pillbelly tests are scheduled for mid-August at a time when experts believe media coverage of Michael Jackson will be at its peak. "We will join with the world in honoring this great man who enjoyed many colorful pills," said Kim Il Sung. "And maybe we'll incinerate Guam."Digg!" (Photo: govtfailure.com)


Steve Burri said...

I'm calling on Congress to designate February 30th as the Michael Jackson National Holiday.

Ling Carter said...

Good call. The end of February is filling up fast.

February 31 is already designated National Al Sharpton Jew-Baiting Day.