Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Angry Pedophiles Rally for Postage Stamp

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Following remarks by Al Sharpton, the nation's pedophiles held a turbulent demonstration demanding a postage stamp. "We all deserve that stamp, not just Michael Jackson," said spokesperson Edward Littlehand. "Jackson was singled out because of star power. But is that fair? If I have "kid-friendly" fun, I get the county lock-up and a thousand cons trying to shank me. Jackson does it and ends up with a Congressional moment of silence, wall-to-wall media coverage, the Staples Center, and a stamp. Maybe give Jackson the post card stamp and award the rest of us First Class letter." Littlehand praised Sharpton for raising the issue, but stated the pedophile community was keeping its distance. "Associating with Al Sharpton might make us look bad."Digg!" (Photo: johnsonmatel.com)


takineko said...

Their stamp would just be Pedobear.

Ling Carter said...

No doubt located on the back of the letter.