Monday, April 26, 2010

Friday is Everybody Imagine Mohammed Day

FROM THE EDITOR - For anyone skittish about the upcoming Everybody Draw Mohammed Day on May 20, INI will be instituting a safe alternative. This Friday, April 30, we invite everyone to imagine what the Prophet Mohammed looks like. Do you see him as a bear of a man with hair on his triceps? Or is he a little fellow, fierce in battle, but with tiny hands and feet? Are his trousers flowing and voluminous, large enough to hide a lamb shank? Might his turban be cocked at a rakish angle like Bob Crane's hat in Hogan's Heroes? You decide. After all, its your imagination. For those still worried about possible offense, we have consulted a Koranic scholar who has assured us of three things:

1. There are many violent threats in the Koran.
2. None of them involves imagining what Mohammed looks like.
3. There is a Koranic verse that says, "Hast thou not seen how thy Lord dealt with the owners of the elephant?" Our scholar isn't sure what that means, but he is fairly certain the owners of the elephant weren't imaging what Mohammed looked like.

So set aside some time Friday, sit back, and mentally craft the Mohammed you've always wanted to view. No rush, but stop by 8:00 PM Pacific Time. We are contacting a number of Hollywood psychics who will surf the sea of mental images and select the top three.

So good luck and happy imagining!

--Ling Carter, Editor-in-Chief


Anonymous said...

nice one! still sounds risky to me...maybe if we imagine what it would be like to imagine Mohammed, it'd be less offensive.

Ling Carter said...

Thanks, Mick.

I like that.

Any push back and we'll take it to the imagine-imaging level.

robot said...

I imagine what ever we do will rile the easily offended, so I think I'll be imagining whirrled peas. That is, after I draw the prophet, for a profit.

Hmmm, prophet for profit. I like it. Sounds like a B.C. cartoon. Sooth sayings: 50 cents...

Great article, Ling. Keep up the good work!