Sunday, February 28, 2010

Conde Nast Debuts 'Depression Magazine, Baby'

NEW YORK CITY, NY - In a sign of the times, publishing giant Conde Nast has rolled out Depression Magazine, Baby. Printed on glossy paper, this monthly hopes to cash in on what-is-being-called '30s Chic.' "Our magazine says the economy stinks, but keep that sassy attitude," said 'Depression' editor-in-chief Virginia Crater-Leek. "Our first issue showcases the latest fashions woven from a potato sack, includes tips on how to decorate a boxcar or storage facility, and offers recipes for cooking cats garnished with grass from a median strip." Crater-Leek admitted that people without jobs or money probably aren't going to purchase a magazine about people without jobs or money. "Our target audience is aimed at young, single media and government employees in Manhattan and Washington, D.C. who want to empathize with the unemployed without feeling guilty. So we're giving them Depression Magazine, Baby. Honestly, we're all in this together."


Retriever said...

Nice send off as I head to my oar...Reminds me of all those "benefits" aka piggy parties to raise about 20 cents on the dollar for worthy cause while the glitterati flaunt their concern for Haiti or whatever...

--the Galley Slave

Ling Carter said...

I heard somewhere that you only have to donate 10 cents on every dollar.

I could be in the wrong business.