Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dubai Assassination Linked to Rogue Kiwanis Club

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Two men who participated in the January killing of a Hamas terrorist have been identified as belonging to a splinter group of the Kiwanis Club known as 'Black Kiwanis.' Little is known about this sinister service organization, formed in 1996 by disgruntled Kiwanians who wanted a little action with their charitable work. Dubai Police stated two men caught on security cameras were known BK operatives Heave Donner and Abel Klopperheim. Both men were traveling under forged Icelandic passports listing their occupations as 'glacier wrangler' and 'cod instructor.' According to Interpol, Donner and Klopperheim have been linked to several murder-for-charitable-donation acts in Spain and Wales as well as using blackmail and extortion to raise scholarship funds for needy children. The two men departed Dubai the day after the killing on a flight to Lapland and have since been lost to authorities. Dubai Police refused to speculate if the other members of the assassination team were Black Kiwanis or just innocent people who liked to follow terrorist arms dealers. "We must remain open to all possibilities," said an anonymous source within Dubai law enforcement. "And that would include suicide and faking strangulation. To be honest, we don't get many murders in Dubai and no one wants to kill the job - so to speak." (Gif: Public Domain Photos.)

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