Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Segway Features Air Horn and Sleeper Cab

MANCHESTER, N.H. - Segway inventor Dean Kamen has added a truck air horn and a sleeping compartment to the latest model of the personal transporter. "We felt it was time for a more muscular Segway," said Kamen. Along with his DEKA Research Team, Kamen worried that the added weight of a sleeper cab would strain the transporter's electrical power. "Turns out that's true," said Kamen. "So we stopped worrying and built it anyway." The new version, called the Segway Open Roader, can travel up to a mile and half before needing a 24-hour recharge. But Kamen remains confident the Open Roader will catch on. "Right now, we're working on a bigger battery. Hopefully, we can up the distance a little. But the horn is awesome. It scares the hell out of birds. Buy it for the horn." (Photo:

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Anonymous said...

I repeat:

Pulitzer committee, any committee, anyone in the comedy business or the news bizz, pay attention to INTERESTING NEWS ITEMS!!

This news article is proof that funny journalism is alive and more hilarious than ever.

This article on the "New Segway" is better than anything I've read this year! (One of the funniest things I've read anywhere.)


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Tom Ruegger

PS: I'm buying it for the horn!