Sunday, September 20, 2009

Second Tallest Man Charges Guinness Book with Racism

SOFIA, BULGARIA - At a press conference, Anastas Petkov Dragonov has accused the Guinness Book of World Records of racism in their choice of eight foot-one inch Sultan Kosen as World's Tallest Man. "Oh, yeah, sure, he's an inch taller than me. But don't you think that's racist?" An upset Guinness has stated they are considering giving the title to the shorter Dragonov. "This is a serious charge," said a Guinness spokesperson. "We will do all in our power not to be charged with this. If it will make Mr. Dragonov stop calling us that name, he can be tallest man in the world and we'll throw in some cash and a free copy of our book. I hope that pleases him." (Photo:

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