Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Silver Surfer Will Battle Scrooge McDuck

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Disney's acquisition of Marvel has produced its first hybrid production as work continues on a screenplay featuring the Silver Surfer locking horns with Scrooge McDuck. "No title yet," said Disney executive Scotty Arnette, "but we're excited to marry these franchises in a major motion picture." According to Disney sources, Scrooge McDuck attempts to acquire the Surfer's Power Cosmic, using a combination of bribes and lawsuits, tying the Silver Surfer up in court as Galactus returns to consume Earth. "We're thinking Law and Order meets Transformers," said Arnette, who will have creative control over the production unless the film bombs, at which time responsibility reverts back to the writer. Hoping for a release date around Christmas 2010, Arnette shared one of the film's set-pieces. "Here comes the Silver Surfer swooping down on Scrooge. But suddenly McDuck pulls out a big sack with $ on the side and clobbers the Surfer, knocking him off his board. Awesome, huh? We're working in something about the environment and hunting dolphins with shotguns. Maybe McDuck does it to chill. We're still noodling ideas around. But when we finish, that'll also be awesome."

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