Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tiny T-Rex Fossil Beaten by Chinese Authorities

SHENYANG, CHINA - A newly discovered fossil of a tiny Tyrannosaurs Rex was beaten by Chinese police after authorities learned the creature roamed China 65 million years ago without proper documents. "This is most disrespectful," said a police spokesperson. "Proper documents are necessary. We are not a nation of vagabonds." In addition, the creature will receive a sentence of four years in the Chinese gulag where it will be expected to assemble flashlights for export. "If it refuses to work, hiding behind the facade of extinction, its sentence will be extended. We are not weaklings." (Photo: Courtesy Todd Marshall/Science via CNN)


takineko said...

Funny--I'd just heard a belief today that Dinosaurs were genetically spliced creatures by the Andeluvians [people before the flood] and here you have the freakiest T-Rex depiction I've ever seen. I heard Raptors had feathers, but Rex? He looks silly!

Ling Carter said...

He'll look even sillier once the Chinese finish beating him.