Saturday, December 13, 2008

Napkin List: Best Waiter Screenplays of 2008

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Every year entertainment executives and agents compile the best screenplays handed to them by restaurant employees. The top five vote-getters become the Napkin List. This year's selection was an eclectic mix of romance and edgy drama. Will any see the screen in 2009? Keep an eye on the box office.

Conspiracy to Love by Liz Flooby
A bright ten-year-old girl schemes to marry her paranoid grandfather to the elderly woman next door. She succeeds, but the wedding is marred when an Illuminati task force arrives and imprisons everyone in a camp run by Masons.

2. Lost Nights
by Andrew David Brickwillow
Alienation and hostility consume a man lost for nine years who returns home only to learn his wife is now lost while his children are occasionally misplaced. A sympathetic social worker helps him accept reality, but then goes missing.

3. Kickin' It with Harry
by Justin Silverbun
A poignant, heart-warming story about second chances as a small time snake handler and his 19-foot rock python hitch across country to the snake-handling nationals, hoping to rebound from squandered opportunities and a swallowed telemarketer.

Code of the Matador by Toffa Manatee
On a day trip to Tijuana, a young couple become involved in an international conspiracy centered around evidence hidden in a velvet painting of a bull fighter.

Heeber's Back by Brian Kiln and Scott Nimbler
Tough hunchback Kick Heeber is reinstated on the police force and must confront his own bigotry and disgust if he hopes to learn who is killing the city's midgets.

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