Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gabby Man at Car Wash Says Economy to Improve

ZANESVILLE, OHIO - Don't mention "recession" to Jimmy Dutton. The 41-year-old cashier at the Drip 'n Drive Car Wash gave an earful to customer Linda Sweeney for knocking the economy. "I said things were tight money-wise because of the recession," recalled Sweeney. "Then Dutton starts blabbing and wouldn't shut up. I had the kids, and they're a handful, and he keeps yakking about how Obama would fix up the economy, and pay his mortgage, and buy his dog a squeezie toy, and then the guy cleaning my Accord broke off a wiper blade." When asked to comment, incoming Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner remarked, "I'm sure Mr. Dutton means well. But just to be clear: we're not giving money to anyone for squeezie dog toys. Not initially."

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