Friday, December 19, 2008

Eco-Cool Gifts for a Green Christmas

SEATTLE, WA - All around the country, shoppers are remembering Mother Earth this holiday season. Eco-sensitive gifts show you care about the planet as well as giving old Mom E. a much-needed break. Take your pick from these cost-effective green goodies.
1. Turf - The basic black of environmentalism. One night with a spade on a putting green and you'll have an armful of fun turf squares. (They make great stockingstuffers.)
2. Spiders and Tinsel - Cutting edge eco-deco (environmental gift that doubles as a decoration.) A Gatorade jar full of web-spinning spiders will quickly turn any interior merry and white. Drape the tinsel over the durable webs for a fast and easy winter wonderland.
3. Road Kill - An awesome gift for kids studying biology. See children's' grades soar as they name the organs, learning anatomy the natural way, just like Native Americans.
4. Highway Surprise - A shoe box full of items found along the interstate tells the recipient that you are sustainable-world serious. In addition, that special someone can recycle any bottles and cans as well as add that half-eaten fast food to the composter.
5. Biological Entity - Big bio labs are a treasure trove of unique, one-of-a-kind pets. These beasts are usually shot or poisoned then thrown into land fills. For the cost of driving over to the lab, you can fill your child's eyes with astonishment by giving him a rat with a replacement ear growing out its back. Kids can lavish love and learn responsibility as they care for two-headed pigs, hamsters the size of truck tires, and monkeys with human faces that scream like women.

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