Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thai Violence Quelled by Yul Bryner Look-Alike

BANGKOK, THAILAND - Bloodshed was averted between demonstrators when a man looking exactly like late actor Yul Bryner calmed the crowd by singing "Whistle a Happy Tune." "His garments were very kingly and he acted in a regal manner," said one demonstrator. "Also the song was quite pleasant and made everyone smile." The man, actor Howard Nelson, age 42, from North Hollywood, CA, had been hired by the Thailand government because of his uncanny resemblance to Yul Bryner, who passed away in 1985. Bryner is best remembered for his role as the Thai monarch in the 1956 film, The King and I. "Mr. Nelson prevented much trouble," said government spokesperson Ananda Supawong. "That is because the Thai people love their king. They also love people who portray Thai kings, as well as kingly people in general."

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