Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Soderbergh Plans Pol Pot Biopic

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Still in the midst of promoting Che, busy director Steven Soderbergh already has his next project percolating: a film on Pol Pot. Reported dead in 1997, the communist leader is best known for slaughtering almost two million people during his 1975 to 1979 reign over Cambodia. And that's what bothers Soderbergh. "Sure, he was a hard ass, but he didn't kill people all the time. I want to explore the less political areas of his life. What were his favorite foods? What made him laugh? Did he love?" Soderbergh plans a twelve-hour epic focusing on the dictator's early years and based on Pot's hand-written notes found inside a human skull. "Think Water Buffalo Diaries," quipped Soderbergh. "Only longer and more sentimental."

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