Monday, December 1, 2008

PBS Plans Christmas with Bill Ayers

BOSTON, MA - WGBH intends broadcasting a holiday special starring former terrorist William Ayers. The special, described by one source as "like spending Christmas day being scolded by a scary man," initially seemed doomed. "The show was four hours long," said PBS spokesperson Tara Logan-Taylor. "And Professor Ayers wanted it shown without breaks." PBS balked, but at the last moment "it became financially possible, thanks to a grant from the Chubb Foundation." Filmed in Chicago, one Christmas party segment featured Ayers yelling through a megaphone at second graders for their "toy lust and greed when kids all over the world are being blown apart by a kill-crazed U.S. war machine." Another segment showed Ayers, dressed as Santa Claus, handing youngsters gifts from Cuba: rope sandals (all in Men's size 9) and a coloring book describing how to inform on your parents. "It's a bit preachy," admitted Taylor-Logan, "but we're hoping viewers hang around for the action stuff, like when the Professor dynamites a Burger King."


amy said...

This is a joke, right? How about a link to the WGBH or PBS websites to show that this program actually exists?

Marie Kwabler said...


You are most certainly right.

This is a joke.

Buffoon said...

I just looked on PBS and searched google, nothing.... not that I would put it past PBS.....

Marie Kwabler said...


Sadly, it really is within the realm of possibility.

Attila Girl said...

Are you telling me that PBS won't be showing a Burger King being blown up to celebrate the True Meaning of Christmas?

Then where the hell are the public dollars going?????

I'm crushed.

Anonymous said...

I thought lying about Bill Ayers went out of fashion after Obama's electoral landslide victory.

Bagua said...


Good post, I agree it is in the realm of possibility, it would be consistent with the "in your face" sort of triumphalism we are now experiencing from the left.

Anonymous said...

That was absolutely HILARIOUS.

A coloring book instructing children how to inform on their parents? That was classic. I laughed out loud when I read this.

Unfortunately, this captures the character of Ayers perfectly. I'm sorry it won't be aired ... I really would have liked to see it.