Saturday, August 15, 2009

Woodstock a Government Hoax

BETHEL, NY - Drawing on thousands of pages of unclassified documents, a new book claims the United States Government fabricated the entire Woodstock Festival. Three Days of Lies and Music: The Faking of Woodstock, written by Professor Burt Kornman, states the CIA's MK ULTRA project, an army division in hippie garb, and a colossol tarp that, from the air, appeared to be hundreds of thousands of people, were used to deceive media and public from August 15 to 17, 1969. Kornman stated, "There were no bands. There wasn't any 450,00 people. There were 12,000 soldiers working the tarp and a few thousand real hippies who saw this dog-and-pony act on TV and decided to drop in. That was it."According to Kornman, free acid was given to anyone arriving to hear the "music" - state-of-the-art tapes from the top bands of the day. In addition, the government employed trick photography and mass hypnosis involving an immense watch swinging back and forth. Professor Kornman, Rosie O'Donnell Engineering Chair at San Francisco State, added, "A few thousand people went home convinced they'd seen a really cool rock concert. Word-of-mouth took over and pretty soon everyone and their uncle claimed to have been at Woodstock." Kornman grew evasive when pressed about the reason the government would stage a rock concert. He referred all questions to another of his books, Lo Siento, Paraguay in which Kornman claimed the United States accidentally H-bombed Asuncion during the time of the "alleged" Woodstock Festival. "Oh, and Max Yasgur was a Mason," blurted Kornman. "I'll bet no one ever told you that." (Photos: Google &

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