Sunday, August 9, 2009

Parasite Study Links SEIU to Tapeworms

ATLANTA, GA - While investigating parasites at the Center for Disease Control, researchers have discovered a strong resemblance between the Service Employees International Union and tapeworms. "We're seeing too many similarities to ignore," said Doctor Ramesh Panjandray. "They [SEIU] are transmitted via the Democratic Party, attach with suckers to local and state government jobs, feed off taxpayers, and will grow to immense size unless removed." With the study still underway, Panjandray expressed caution. "These are only initial findings. We must not draw too many comparisons between tapeworms and the second largest public sector union. For example, tapeworms don't attack if you disagree with them." (Photos: &


Steve Burri said...

I clicked over here at the same time I was watching an Animal Planet show on parasites titled 'Eaten Alive.' Tapeworms were just one of the many features.

Too bad your post was just a little late to be included. It shows the grossest parasite of all. Maybe in the channel's next installment...

Ling Carter said...

Perhaps they'll also include the Federal Employees Union, SEIU's extra-big brother.