Thursday, August 6, 2009

World Court Hires Paula Abdul

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS - The International Court of Justice has hired former American Idol judge Paula Abdul to rule on cases pending before the body. Said ICJ spokesperson Claude Abney: "No one pays attention to us or our rulings. Perhaps the presence of Ms Abdul will change all that."Abney said that for now, Abdul would be confined to deliberation on matters involving 'movement.' He explained: "Because of her dancing background, you see, we are hoping Ms Abdul has a sense, a flair, for the intricacies of international law involving motion." A choreographer, jewelry maker, and star of Bravo's Hey, Paula!, Abdul's inaugural case will involve a maritime dispute over navigational rights between Peru and Chile. "Will this be difficult? Can't say," said Abdul. "But it beats working with a limey snot like Simon Cowell." (Photo:

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