Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Footwear Czar Wants Crocs Mandatory

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Zaha Caputo, President Obama's Footwear Czar, has declared her intention to make Crocs the national shoe: "Americans would wear boards on their feet without common-sense government guidelines." In an interview with Odd Shoe Quarterly, Caputo stated clog-shaped Crocs go with practically everything, adding, "Givenchy and Tory Burch are coming out with Croc versions including a strappy sandal and a chunky high-heel. There's no longer any reason not to be wearing them - other than stylistic racism." Made of recycled PVC pipe and dyed frog skin, Crocs are environmentally sustainable, according to Caputo, and would help contribute to a national purpose. "Imagine a nation wearing Crocs? Imagine Donald Trump and Joy Behar and the Navy Seals all wearing the same fun, inexpensive footwear? That is why I became Footwear Czar. That is why I dream." (Photo:

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