Monday, August 17, 2009

Yale University Press Removes 'Three Little Pigs'

NEW HAVEN, CT - Fearful of offending Muslims, Yale University Press has removed all references to the Three Little Pigs from a new scholarly work examining the popular fairy tale. According to a Yale University Press spokesperson, "We consulted with Muslims at the U.N. and were informed that printing a book with pigs would result in Turkey invading Bulgaria. Also there would be violent Muslim riots in Nigeria different from the normal violent Muslim riots in Nigeria." Brandeis University Professor Amy Weskit, author of The Three Little Pigs: Values and Norms, reluctantly agreed to excising all pig references. "Now it appears the fairy tale is about ghosts who build houses of straw, stick and brick and that the Big Bad Wolf likes property damage." In related news, Universal Picture's 1995 film Babe will be changed to avoid offending Muslims. Insiders state the Babe character will be digitally removed and a new voice track added, changing the storyline to a tale about a small ghost that likes sheep herding. (Photo:


Steve Burri said...

Actually, they would have allowed it if the Three Little Pigs had photoshopped heads of Bush, Cheney, and Netanyahu.

Ling Carter said...

Or three heads of Sarah Palin.