Tuesday, August 11, 2009

'Obamacare: Death Ward' Released to PC

BELLINGHAM, WA - Alt Entertainment has released a PC 3D video game based on President Obama's healthcare plan. 'Obamacare: Death Ward' is a first-person shooter set in the year 2020. As a member of an elite Special Forces Unit - the Viper Dogs - you must infiltrate a massive, government-run hospital and rescue old people who are about to be terminated as a cost-saving measure. AI, graphics and game play initially seem pretty standard as you battle your way past security guards, union janitors, and health care bureaucrats, all depicted as subhuman gnomes. One interesting switch on traditional FSP gameplay is that whenever you attempt to recover from damage via a first-aid power-up, the game stops while your character fills out yards of paperwork. Sounds include rustling papers, pen scratching, and constant, muttered swearing. Deep under the hospital, as you battle toward the termination ward, the danger ratchets up. First there are massive SEIU Goons that absorb a lot of battle damage. Then there are shadowy Chicago People, slippery and difficult to hit. Be wary when you blast one as they splatter into a foul muck while denying they've been hit, or else, claiming they always wanted to be shot. Finally, you face a giant, gaudy actuary called Pelosid who speaks in an harsh, scolding voice: "Don't touch my old people, you Nazi-astroturf-insurance lackey." But defeating Pelosid and rescuing the old people is only the start. You and the surviving Viper Dogs must now fight your way into Big Pharmacy and recover the old folks' medicine. 'Obamacare: Death Ward' offers rich, detailed maps, several play modes, and a visually stunning gamescape, all of which deteriorate over five years into a single room with poor sound quality and slow response times. Best played immediately. (Photo: 1990kemal.spaces.live.com)

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