Friday, August 28, 2009

Bill Gives Obama Power to 'De-Friend' On Facebook

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A new senate bill would give President Obama sweeping powers over cyberspace, including authority to 'de-friend' anyone on Facebook. An aide to Senator Jay Rockefeller, whose office is crafting the legislation, stated the 'de-friending' provision would allow Obama to bring equality to the social network. "Is it fair that Adrian Lane has 275 friends and Jackie Cunningham only 136? Shouldn't Jackie have a larger pool when it comes to games like Mafia Wars?" Rockefeller's provision would grant Obama power to 'friend' and 'de-friend' as well as insert pro-healthcare statements into any message thread. In addition, the President would have the ability to eliminate: 'What Caddyshack character are you?' for reasons of exclusion and possible racism.


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