Thursday, August 20, 2009

Iran Releases 'Medal of Honor Killing'

COLOGNE, GERMANY - Iranian reps at Gamescom unveiled a new video game that puts players in the shoes of a mullah trying to catch women reading. Designed by Tall Crane Enterprises, Medal of Honor Killing is a clash of wits as a religious police mullah must catch and convict crafty women for crimes such as glancing at men, reading Family Circle, or smiling. "The stakes are quite high," said chief designer Amir Shakiba. "If the mullah fails, he and all male family members face shame." Players choose the punishment for convicted women who may be stoned, shot, hung, or run over with heavy construction vehicles. "This game drops you on the front lines of a happening theocracy," said Shakiba, who is trying to attract the attention of retailers. Tall Crane plans exhibiting at next year's E3 Expo in Los Angeles where they'll roll out Resident Basij. This first-person shooter follows a militia member who must blast his way out of an underground city full of dissent mooks. (Photo:

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