Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Joker Outraged Over Obama Poster

GOTHAM CITY - Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker is furious over a poster using his features to portray President Obama above the word 'socialism.' Busy supervising the construction of a giant puppet that would spray poison gas into a children's hospital, the arch criminal explained: "I'm hounded by the cops and Batman and now my trademarked characteristics are used to belittle a man whose political style I respect. This is too mean spirited." The Joker hopes to learn the identity of the unknown artist and kill him in a bizarre, very public manner. "I thought of filling him up with helium and floating him over the White House until he pops in a messy way, but I already did that in Detective Comics, #102. Something else then, something snappy and cute."(Photo: teens.walkerart.org & NewsBusters.org)


Ricky Raccoon said...

Don't over plan it.
But that's sort of a plan already though isn't it.

Steve Burri said...

How disappointing! I expected the Joker to be pissed that he was demeaned by being associated with Obama.