Monday, August 10, 2009

'Cove' Documents Dolphin Motels

TAIJI, JAPAN - A new documentary on the slaughter of dolphins captured hidden footage of sinister dolphin motels. 'The Cove' followed a team of environmental activists to the town of Taiji where they obtained footage of a garishly-lit underwater structure. Heavily made-up female dolphins lounged near the entrance under a sign that read, 'Come in and rest your flippers, big boy.' Dolphins eagerly crowded the door, swimming in but never swimming out. Later, when the traps were full, they were hauled onto land and dynamited. "This is wrong," said activist Karl Mandolon. "The U.N. forbids using sexual traps to capture most aquatic mammals. For some reason, narwhal traps are permitted." Japanese interviewed in the film claimed dolphins flocked to the cove at Taiji for the express purpose of eating Japanese fisherman. "Every year, three, four fisherman, get eat up by dolphin," said Taiji Mayor Hiro Takamura. "We find hats floating on water. Everyone upset." The film concluded with a plea to allow dolphins to discover themselves sexually without human interference. "Dolphins are no different than activists," said Mandolon. "They smile, love the water, and make high-pitched sounds of unknown meaning." (Photo:

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