Monday, August 3, 2009

New Smart Fortwo Equipped With Will

NEW YORK CITY, NY - Smart USA has announced the 2010 ultracompact Smart Fortwo will roll off the assembly line complete with a Last Will and Testament. "These little things have 70 HP and a three cylinder engine," said company spokesperson Artie Teaserman. "Research shows that collisions with anything larger than a cat usually results in occupant fatality." Determined to prove Smart Fortwo is paying attention, the company now includes a generic last will and testament sealed in a fire-proof compartment. "Our attorneys guarantee the will is a bona fide legal document and will stand up in court," said Teaserman. "Which is more than you can say for the driver." In addition to the will, 2010 Smart Fortwo models will include improved dome light, glove compartment and a new sport coin holder. (Photo:

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