Sunday, January 11, 2009

NBC Airs: So You Want to be a Security Guard?

BURBANK, CA - As the networks gear up for sweeps, NBC will debut a hot new reality show, So You Want to be a Security Guard? The series places six contestants as guards in a large office building in downtown Los Angeles. Working swing and midnight shifts, contestants compete to accumulate the largest paycheck with the least actual work. Each episode focuses on acquiring a necessary guard skill, such as showing up drunk, lying to the dispatcher, sleeping in your car, pilfering office supplies, and practicing your fast draw in a plate glass window with a loaded .38. "This has sizzle," said NBC TV exec Artie Smelm. "Crackling hot, big-hit sizzle." Should the show prove successful, Smelm states spin-offs are ready to roll, including, So You Want to be a UN Delegate? and So You Want to be Artie Smelm?

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