Sunday, January 4, 2009

Anti-War Puppeteers Seek Work

With the ending of the Bush administration, anti-war puppeteers find themselves facing unemployment. "Just won't be the same," said puppeteer Ed Fowler. Since 2003, Fowler has appeared in over 700 anti-war protests and has built and operated numerous giant puppets including Bush as the devil, Bush as Hitler, Bush as a crazed cowboy, and Bush in drag holding cash and a nuclear bomb. Fowler has considered using his puppets in some form of advertising. "Maybe Bush will open a supermarket and I can work the parking lot." But so far, the activist-puppeteer has had no luck finding work. "I called the Jim Hensen company," said Fowler. "But they don't need giant puppets. And I don't make small ones. So I guess we're headed in different directions."

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