Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Transgendered Hamas Hurt Most by War

GAZA CITY - As fighting raged outside between Israeli and Hamas forces, the Daughters of Gaza met in a U.N. school room crammed with mortar shells. A transsexual support group, the Daughters help one another make the difficult transition from male terrorist to female terrorist. "Other fighters play tricks on us," said Khadra (formerly Omar) Nemer, age 38. "Once they stole my lipstick and hid it in my ammunition. There I was, battling Zionists, when my rifle jammed because a tube of Pink in the Afternoon was stuck in the chamber." Favoring cool tones, Khadra gestured outside where a tank shell exploded. "Because of the fighting, we are unable to obtain Nair or other depilatories. Where is world opinion, I ask?" With a sigh, Khadra flipped through a well-worn issue of Cosmopolitan. "I only want to fire rockets into populated areas and be pretty. Have I requested the moon?"


Attila Girl said...

This is low.

Sure; I laughed.

But that does NOT signify approval. FYI.

Ling Carter said...

I stopped at "I laughed."