Monday, January 5, 2009

Sharks Save Swimmer From Dolphin

PORT DARWIN, AUSTRALIA - A spear-fisherman was saved from attack by a huge dolphin after several sharks enclosed the man in a protective circle. Eric Diggery, age 29, observed the incident from a nearby sail boat. "The dolphin had this fella and was tossing him up in the air like a big ball, ya see? Then these white-tips showed up and sorta protected him." Diggery reported that after the dolphin swam away, the sharks turned on the fisherman and devoured him. Added Diggery, "Then me mates and I sailed over and blew up the white-tips with some old Jap hand grenades we'd found on New Guinea. But that's how things go. One minute you're prey and the next minute you're prey. Life's a bit of hell in the sea, you know?" 

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