Thursday, January 15, 2009

Treasury Nominee Forgets His Head

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Timothy Geithner appeared before a senate committee today missing his head from the neck up. "My bad," responded the nominee for Treasury Secretary after an aide rushed off and retrieved the missing body part. "I take it off at night because it's easier to remove my tie. After dinner, and talking with the family, I keep it in a glass vat next to the bed. Today, whoosh, I ran out the door without it. Maybe I should get one that ties on." In recent days, Geithner, who will head the IRS, forgot to pay $42,000 in back taxes, forgot that his maid was in the country illegally, and forgot that he was in charge of the New York Federal Reserve while Citicorp regulations were loosened and Wall Street tanked historically. "I'm not sure why I can't remember jack," said Geithner. "Maybe it's a pot flashback or something. Oh, I forgot to mention: I did me a little drugs in college."
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