Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Society of Odd Clergy Welcomes Rev. Lowery

CHICAGO, IL - Ending an inaugural benediction with a goofy rhyme stating all whites were embracing wrong has earned the Reverend Joseph E. Lowery an invitation to join S.O.C. The Society of Odd Clergy are some of President Obama's staunchest supporters, loudly voicing obtuse opinions with an emphasis on race baiting. Rev. Lowery, who believes the United States has no money for poor people despite trillions spent over 60 years, is said to be honored by the invitation. He will be joining S.O.C. stalwarts such as Fr. Michael Pflegler, who once channeled Hillary Clinton's thoughts, stating she was a peevish bigot. And, of course, S.O.C. superstar Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who believes that a U.S. government that can't order pizza without leaking the toppings to the press somehow developed an unknown virus (AIDS), transported this virus throughout the country without spilling it, and released it into Afro-American neighborhoods in order to kill blacks but not any other races in adjoining neighborhoods.
(Photo: Ron Edmonds / AP Photo)

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