Friday, January 9, 2009

Survey Reveals Top Economists Dislike Economics

CAMBRIDGE, MA - A Harvard University survey of the nation's foremost economists revealed that eighty-nine percent found economics dreadful and boring. "We conducted a long term study, using a large population sample," said sociology professor Gary Miskaleer, age 37. "The results are pretty conclusive. For example, fifty-eight percent of those surveyed can't listen to a recording of themselves discussing economics without falling into rem sleep and awakening with drool on their chin. A further sixty-six percent admitted walking through libraries and spitting into economics books." Not surprisingly, Professor Miskaleer's survey showed most economists would rather be doing something else, with dream jobs ranging from power line repairman to cook on a tramp steamer somewhere off the island of Tonga. "Right now, the economy is in terrible shape," said Professor Miskaleer. "And the only people who have any idea what it all means hate their jobs. So, you know, take anything they say with a grain of salt, 'cause they'd walk away in a heart beat if they could."

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