Sunday, December 6, 2009

Best Foreign Novel: The Woman With Baguette Hair

NEW YORK CITY, NY - Belgian author Florian Wouters received the Manhattan Publishers 2009 Best Foreign Novel Award for his generational saga The Woman With Baguette Hair. Set in Antwerp during the 1930s, the story focuses on a woman whose hair consists of long, very crisp bread. She has affairs, drinks, questions religious authority, and hangs out with artists who paint her unique portrait in return for jam. Later, she gives birth to a daughter whose hair consists of crescent rolls. In an interview with Bread Quarterly, Wouters stated the woman's hair was a metaphor for "something like fate only better" and that the character of Pers was based on either Pope Leo XII or John Madden. Wouters previous work has consisted of Belgian Wanted Posters and print ads for volleyball equipment. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan stated "Woman" will be mandatory reading in all university English classes due to nihilism and incomprehensible themes. Wouters is married to multiple women, with wives in most NATO countries. Photo: