Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Leaked Emails Cast Doubt on Phrenology

BRISTOL, UK - A website has posted a series of emails hacked from the British Institute of Phrenology, calling into question the wide-spread assertion that the pseudo-science of phrenology is settled. Emails between the institute's Dr. Gideon Hale and Stanford phrenology professor Adler Monkston reveal a growing bewilderment between the two scientists that the data does not fit the theory. In one 2007 post, Professor Hale states: "None of our human head computer models shows any confirmation that personality is determined by skull shape. And yet we know this to be true." In reply, Professor Monkston suggested altering the computer model to reflect current theory, rigging peer review to exclude documents that discredit global phrenology, and "just getting on with our work as if nothing bad were happening." How these emails will effect the upcoming United Nations Conference on Global Phrenology is uncertain, however supporters of the pseudo-science stand firm in their beliefs. President Obama's Phrenology Czar, Dr. Dennis Luchan, has strongly endorsed the work of Hale and Monkston, going so far as to state that "disbelief in phrenology is the equivalent of denying the four humors." (Photo: Wickipedia)

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