Friday, December 4, 2009

Security Guard Pans Men in Black II on Netflix

LOS ANGELES, CA - Arturo Sanchez, an employee of Elite Security, has given Men in Black II a one star rating on Netflix. "I liked the first movie, that's why I got this one. But it turned out to be stupid." Sanchez, currently working midnights at a construction site on Olympic Boulevard, often brings Netflix films to work and plays them on the company laptop. "For what they pay me, they're lucky I show up." Over the past several weeks, Sanchez has given a three star rating to Underworld: Rise of the Lycans which he felt was 'okay' and four stars to Night at the Museum. "At first, I thought ['Night'] was stupid. But it ended up okay." Sanchez is looking forward to viewing Jackie Chan's The Accidental Spy and Donnie Brasco. "I hope they're not stupid. Otherwise, I'm giving 'em one star and leaving a booger on the back of the DVD. I don't care." (Photo: telematicsnews..)

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Steve Burri said...

THAT explains the large, hardened glob-o'-snot on my rented copy of Three Amigos!