Monday, December 14, 2009

Klezmer Hero Holiday Hit

SHERMAN OAKS, CA - Stores can't keep it stocked as consumers gobble up 2009 surprise hit, Klezmer Hero. This rhythm-based, music video game features instrument-shaped peripherals used to simulate playing Yiddish folk music . "Everyone wants the little clarinet," laughed Sherman Oaks Galleria store manager, Tom Oliver. Oliver's game shop, Byte Me, has seen a run on Klezmer, which operates on Playstation 2, Wii, and XBox 360. "I thought we'd sell a few for Hanukkah, but this is nuts."Based on the popular RedOctane/Activision Guitar Hero, Klezmer Hero features clarinet, violin, and accordion peripherals. Gamers match scrolling notes to buttons on the peripherals in order to play along and score points. Oliver speculates that while the music is uptempo klezmer, many of the songs are popular folk ballads such as "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" "Kids have probably heard these [songs] played somewhere, so there's recognition built in." Other tunes include "Sloop John B." and "Tijuana Jail" as well as a medley from Les Miserables. Developed by CyberSoft, published and distributed by Novacon/Deepgnome, Klezmer Hero retails for $99.78 but, oddly enough, lacks a web presence and may only be purchased in stores. Oliver offered this advice: "To be honest, most game store managers, me included, put a couple of hot games aside for friends. If customers really want Klezmer Hero, they need to be aggressive. When the manager says, 'Sorry, all out,' or 'We don't carry it,' or 'Never heard of it,' they should call him a 'filthy liar.' That way, he'll be shamed and give up his private stash. That's how this business rolls." (Photo:

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