Saturday, December 5, 2009

'Avatar' Talky, Lacks CGI Action Scenes

HOLLYWOOD, CA - A sneak peak at James Cameron's Avatar revealed a film long on esoteric dialogue and short on action set-pieces. The sci-fi epic tells the tale of veteran Jake Sully, a paraplegic on an alien world, who lives through an artificial avatar. Despite a setup rich with promise, the film sinks into a series of obscure discussions on the nature of avatars and whether Vishnu's descendants had more an impact on humanity than those of Shiva and Ganesha. At one point, Jake encounters a race of blue aliens who also turn out to be Hindu. They are devotees of the divine aspects of Krishna and keep trying to sell Jake colorful religious picture books printed on good quality paper. When an invading force attacks, there is a huge off-screen battle with deafening sound-effects as Jake and the blue aliens quarrel over the Guna avatars and their relation to the three modes of nature. This film will appeal to Vedic scholars and Microsoft customer support. Everyone else should rent the first Terminator. (Photo: jpg -

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