Monday, December 7, 2009

Big Oil Gifts Global Warming Sceptics

LONDON, UK - Hackers have broken into the data bank of the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP) and stolen hundreds of emails listing goods and services awarded to scientists for debunking global warming. Spilled on the web, these documents reveal a decade-long pattern of oil companies plying scientists and scholars with very unusual, but expensive, gifts in return for publishing misleading reports on catastrophic climate change. In no particular order, here are several recipients and their prizes:
  • Physicist Freeman Dyson: Free gas from any gas station anywhere in the world for 60 years (includes selection of snacks and cold drinks; not transferable)
  • Scientist Bjorn Lomborg: A diamond-studded windbreaker with Shell Oil logo.
  • Myron Ebell: 700 gallons of Sae 30 Chevron motor oil (plus funnel and crankcase drain pan.)
  • Nobel Prize Winner Ivar Giaever:  A sack of emeralds and a ConocoPhillips ball cap.
  • Professor Ian Plimer: A solid gold commuter mug with Exxon logo and spill-resistant closeable lid.
  • Scientist Kiminori Itoh: oil women (not sure what this means.)  (Photo:

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