Friday, October 23, 2009

Festive Motorcade Planned for International Day of Climate Action

FEDERAL WAY, WA - Tomorrow, residents of this community south of Seattle will embark on a motorcade in honor of the International Day of Climate Action. "We're driving all our cars and trucks around Puget Sound," said event organizer Melissa Daye. "One person per vehicle to make the motorcade as long as possible. We'll be gunning engines and flashing brights, letting people know Saturday is a day for planetary action." In addition to the motorcade, Daye said her group plans running TVs, clothes dryers and microwaves for twenty-four hours, reminding people what they'll lose if they don't lower their energy footprints. Local activists like Daye will be busy all across the world on October 24. If you, your family and friends are concerned about Mother Earth, here are some simple, common-sense ways you can show support tomorrow and every day:
1. Leave on all lights in your house or apartment, showing the community you are 'enlightened' as to sustainable energy use.
2. Gather up all loose papers and magazines from around your home and burn them in the fireplace or barbecue.
3. Tear out any crops you may be growing and put in a sprinkler system and a lawn. Employing gardeners who are close to the Earth is a way we can show planetary appreciation.
4. Replace parks and green spaces with cemeteries and golf courses. Trees are one of the largest producers of deadly carbon dioxide gas. Cemeteries produce only quiet, and, except for occasional sobbing, reduce noise pollution.
5. Eat green by replacing meat in your diet with breakfast cereals. Cereals are plant-centered foods that help reduce health risks. So instead of steak, try Frosted Flakes and potatoes. Or instead of a hamburger, order Count Chocula with your fries. You'll feel better and so will the globe.

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