Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stephen King Crafts New Villain: A Crazed Christian

BANGOR, ME - In his latest novel, Under the Dome, Stephen King has sought a change of pace, depicting a major antagonist as a violent, unhinged Christian. What prompted this departure from King, who has shown a preference for negatively portraying radical activists, authors, communists, and Islamic fascists? "After thirty years, Stephen decided to leave his comfort zone," said Simon & Schuster spokesperson Miriam Kale-Edwards. "He wanted to break new ground and create a Christian character who was loony and hypocritical." Kale-Edwards hopes introducing an untried element draws in first-time readers."King fans may be a little disappointed at not seeing their favorite targets skewered, but we're hoping new audiences give the book a read, especially since Stephen includes a positive Christian character who is merely stupid and easily duped." 'Dome' releases November 10 in hardcover and Kale-Edwards hopes King's literary experiments continue. "Who knows? One day he might write a novel under two-thousand pages and not set it in Maine." (Photo:

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