Thursday, October 8, 2009

KFC Lard Brick New Green Snack

LOUISVILLE, KY - KFC Corporation has announced that all Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants will now carry the latest green snack: the Lard Brick. "It's about the size of a bread loaf, made of solid white lard," said KFC spokesperson Gina Anaphast. "What's really cool is that it's made from lard and fat waste from other fast food chains." Previously, each three-pound lard brick would have been nothing but grease trap waste. "Food for roaches the size of a bearclaw," said Anaphast. "At KFC, we boil all lard in chicken fat, compress it into bricks, and let it harden naturally." Anaphast believes recycling will overcome any health concerns about the snack's contents. "Recycling is super good and so are Lard Bricks. They go really well with coleslaw and The Colonel's Own Bubbly Water, which is recycled from discarded seltzer canisters found behind taverns. There's no end to what you can do once you start recycling." (Photo:

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